Looks like HELLBOY has Found His BLOOD QUEEN!

The internet was set aflame earlier this year when HELLBOY creator, Mike Mignola announced HELLBOY has found new life in the movies as a reboot. Then fans squealed in joy when STRANGER THINGS’ star, David Harbour was announced to be taking over the hellspawn hero!

NOW? Well HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN has found it’s villain in…


And honestly, I couldn’t be more excited for this! Much like when Robert Downey Jr. was initially cast as IRON MAN. He arguably had fallen out of the limelight at the time, but fans couldn’t have been more enthusiastic, as they all agreed it was perfect casting!

I couldn’t help but feel the same here. Milla, given her roles, look, and overall personality just seems like a perfect fit for this role. Honestly, I didn’t think I could’ve been more excited for this movie. But I AM!

HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN is expected sometime in 2018.