‘EDGE OF TOMORROW 2’ Gets a Title.., and it’s “meh”?

EDGE OF TOMORROW was by far one of my favorite movies when it came out in 2014. Being a big fan of the cast, director, sci-fi, and ANY take on time-travel, definitely loved the movie.

Though, definitely a little worried when news broke that a sequel was more or less confirmed was happening. Don’t get me wrong, I would love more than anything to see more in that world. But EDGE OF TOMORROW definitely played as a movie that was not intended as a franchise, just a great & fun movie.

I do worry in situations like this, you know, when I enjoyed a movie that really didn’t seem intended as a franchise starts to get built out as one. I mean, look at PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN or PITCH PERFECT. I mean, in both cases, fun movies, but given their box office success, sequels were inevitable. But the subsequent installments just failed to measure up.

And I’m worried that that may happen to EDGE… BUT it’s happening.

As it’s been reported, Doug Liman, director of the first movie, has been very excited about the prospect for a sequel, calling it both a sequel AND a prequel. Safe to say we might be in store for a time-traveling mind-fuck. And for me, whenever sci-fi is concerned, always a good time when that happens.

But as I mentioned at the jump of this post, this prequel/sequel has a title… are you ready? The next installment is be called, Live Die Repeat and Repeat

That sound you heard were my eyes rolling.

Those of you who remember, LIVE. DIE. REPEAT. was the movie’s hashtag & tagline from the first movie. But Nerdist is reporting that  when it was released on home video, the powers that be rebranded the movie LIVE. DIE. REPEAT., which personally I didn’t pick up on, as EDGE OF TOMORROW was still on the packaging. I just took it as they wanted to push the tagline so the movie could make a push to stand out on store shelves. But looks like it was in fact a rebrand, as my digital copy on my devices have updated to reflect that.

Now coming from an advertising background for my bread and butter, that is just an asinine move. I mean you go to market with a product, then decide to rebrand it? Way to confuse your customers. It’s like going to market with TRANSFORMERS, but decided to rebrand the IP as, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE. Sure you’d recognize it, but still confusing… and I still maintain stupid to rebrand your product after going to market.

And the title for the follow-up, LIVE DIE REPEAT AND REPEAT, it just sounds so lazy. If anything, I’d probably go with the source material for inspiration and go with something like, EDGE OF TOMORROW: ALL YOU NEED IS KILL.

But what do I know?

But whatever shape this movie takes when it comes out, I’ll definitely be in the theatre for it. I just hope the team doesn’t let me down.

Source: Nerdist