So FOX has released a prologue short film, THE LAST SUPPER, to their upcoming ALIEN movie, ALIEN: COVENANT, opening in May.

Check it out below!

The short really doesn’t give us much. What I get from it is that, rather than miners or scavengers looking for profit from “The Company”, looks like this crew are colonists set out to explore new worlds.

Other than that, it’s interesting to see Michael Fassbender’s “David” in the short. It’s been announced that Michael Fassbender and Naomi Rapace would be making a return. I always assumed it would be the Prometheus’ David, but it kinda feels like it’s a different David… I mean, he’s an android afterall, who’s to say that face isn’t mass-produced?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, and how Naomi will play in.

And again, even though this prologue doesn’t give us much. Definitely am interested in COVENANT. Even after the confusion of what I watched with PROMETHEUS.

ALIEN: COVENANT opens May 19th.