Could More ‘FIREFLY’ Be Coming?

So the internet has been abuzz with a new possibility that FIREFLY could in fact be returning!

It’s been over 10 years since FIREFLY had ended. And even though SERENITY have the fans some closure in some of the main storylines, there are still SO MANY plot lines to follow, SO MANY questions to be answered!

But that possibility I mentioned? Well, sounds like Nerdist is reporting that FOX President of Entertainment, David Madden, apparently had stated a FIREFLY revival is a possibility.

But with one catch. Joss Whedon needs to be willing to come back and be fully on board.

And really, who would want it any other way?

In any case, a FIREFLY revival could be a real possibility. With FOX producing additional episodes & revivals of long ended shows like X-FILES, 24, and PRISIONBREAK. THAT and the mainstream popularity of pop-culture. It just makes sense for FOX to mine this.

But it bears the question, try and forge contracts with the surviving cast members, or reboot the cast entirely. Possibility with a younger cast to ensure longevity?

Both paths have merit. But we’ll have to wait and see. I mean, this is not even a “go” yet. Just a possibility. 

But one can only hope.

Source: Nerdist