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New Trailer for ‘DARK PHOENIX’

I gotta say, I don’t know how I feel about DARK PHOENIX. I mean, the X-MEN movies have definitely been hit and miss, none moreso a miss than X-MEN APOCALYPSE. I mean, I could’ve even finish that last one it was so bad!

But with each trailer for DARK PHOENIX, I get cautiously hopeful. And with that, we got a new trailer for DARK PHOENIX. Check it out below! Continue reading New Trailer for ‘DARK PHOENIX’


What? He looks out for the neighborhood, has a dope suit, and I respect him… Sup dick wad?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the trailer for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME is here! Now before you get your panties in a bunch about Peter Parker’s fate in INFINITY WAR, and spouting, “Why would Sony ruin ENDGAME?”

Well, 1) FAR FROM HOME was announced well before we saw Parker die in INFINITY WAR. So you KNEW he was coming back, 2) according to MovieWeb, this new trailer comes from Marvel Studios themselves. So chill people! Haha.

BUT on the trailer! Check it out below! Continue reading TRAILER: ‘SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME’