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  • Trailer: ‘ANT-MAN AND THE WASP’

    MARVEL STUDIOS has released the first trailer for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, and it is GLORIOUS! Check it out below.
    January 30, 2018
  • New Trailer, ‘ANNIHILATION’!

    You saw the teaser, now check out the full trailer for Alex Garland’s ANNIHILATION!
    December 14, 2017
  • Meet Your CABLE!

    DEADPOOL star, Ryan Reynolds, has definitely been busy today, and it’s set the internet on fire! Why you ask? Well, everyone’s favorite live-action “merc
    August 7, 2017

    Back in April of last year, we reported that Adult Swim was bringing new seasons of the anime fan-faavorite FLCL back to TV! Well,
    July 16, 2017
  • Kevin Bacon Wants You to Remember the ’80’s…

    Hey Millennials, Kevin Bacon and Mashable want you to remember the ’80s. Never forget.  
    March 20, 2014
  • Joss Whedon on ‘Avengers 2’…

    Marvel said I could add more comic-book faves to Avengers 2 but they nixed my Beast Boy/Knives Chau dance-off so WHAT'S THE POINT —
    October 21, 2013
  • The Wes Anderson Collection…

    On the heels on the news of Wes Anderson’s new movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, comes news of a book on his movies, career,
    October 20, 2013
  • And for Your Afternoon Smile…

    …you’re welcome. 😉
    September 25, 2013