Teaser Trailer for ‘MORTAL ENGINES’

So I’m about to make 2 exes of mine VERY HAPPY… *ahem. MAN, I need to read more! First with READY PLAYER ONE, I was gifted the book, but hadn’t had the chance to read it, now a movie is coming out. And now? Out of nowhere comes a teaser for a movie called, MORTAL ENGINES, adapted from the books by Philip Reeve.

And I have to say, if the teaser is any indication, I could only imagine what world the books paint. BUT check out the teaser below! I’m not going to give you any setup, but it’s pretty exciting…

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DCEU Restructuring After ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ Performance

Variety is reporting that a major restructuring is planning to happen over at the DC films arm at Warner Brothers. This being in response to the poor performance of JUSTICE LEAGUE in theatres. If my count is right, this is the second time this has happened, the first being the widely panned reception to BATMAN V. SUPERMAN.

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